Scientific And Technical Translation: Why So Complex?

Translations itself is a difficult task since translating from one language to another requires linguistic equivalents for concepts, which some languages might lack. Scientific and technical translation field makes translation even more complex since translation is not only required for the syntactic structures, but all the technicalities needs to be maintained throughout the translation. Sometimes,[…]

Poor Patent Translation: Why you must avoid it?

The urge to opt for a low-cost translation provider is quite common among a patent attorney, paralegal, patent agent, researcher in an IP services firm or an inventor. Patent translation is an expensive process as it carries much significance. A translation can account for more than 50% of the cost of PCT National Stage Filings[…]

Patent Translation Risks: What & How to Avoid?

According to literal meaning of the word Patent translation, it specifically means to translate anything related to a Patent into another desired/relevant language. However, on legal aspects Patent Translation is demanded when patent written in current language needs to be translated into another language without changing the meaning of the contents inside it. While conversion,[…]

How to minimize patent translation & filing costs?

How to minimize patent translation & filing costs? Patent filing and patent translation are the two processes, which are most crucial processes, when it comes to earning a patent for an invention. Both of these processes are complex, time taking, and costly. Since, we can’t change the structure and the elements of the patent application,[…]

Get Your Patent Translated with Enhanced Accuracy

Get Your Patent Translated with Enhanced Accuracy – Patent translation is a dedicated task which involves conversion of patent related documentation into another language. Patent related documentation can be any sort of patent claims, drawings, a description, and legal files or documents. Translation services majorly includes translations for filing, litigation (accurate translations to undertake legal[…]