Patent Translation and Filing Cost: How To Manage?

Both patent translation and patent filing are the two major processes required in attaining a patent for an invention. However, both of the processes are complicated, time-consuming and expensive. According to a survey, translation covers 50% of the national stage entry cost, that’s why efficient-cost cutting strategies make a huge difference in the bottom line of a patenting company. This saving can be further used in expanding budget and patent protection in many other countries.

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 Ways to Manage Patent Translation and Filing Cost

Patent Translation and Filing Cost: Ways To Manage

The primary goal is to get strongest patent portfolio falling in a variety of jurisdictions where lots of business opportunities can be availed. Mentioned below are some of the major ways which can be used for managing patent translation and filing cost:

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Consider English Only

English is one of the languages used worldwide for communication. So, patent filing and applying in the English language will be huge cost-cutting because there will be no need of translation to any other language. This clearly means your invention will be protected in the country where English is accepted and will not be protected where English is not accepted.

Define Regional Blocs

Focusing on regional blocs is also one of the effective ways to cut translation cost. In this one translation will give cover to multiple countries.

For instance, if you want to consider the Arabic language as your translation language then, you are allowed to file the same patent application in different parts of the Gulf States such as Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, and UAE. Likewise, Latin America, Mexico can be covered if you will use Latin American Spanish as translation language.

Convert into Similar Languages

If you want to increase your patent validity in different countries then an application can be also filed in same languages. It will be less expensive as the modification in an existing translation cost is less in comparison to ordering a new one.

Repeat Text Analysis

In case if you are using boilerplate language in your application and also translating multiple patents into the same language then, don’t forget to explore repetitive text discounts.

For instance, if your current application which is to be filed in Russia is identical to a previously filed application then, ensure that the person handling the translation refers to the previous translation and do repetitive text analysis. The cost difference will be significant.

Do Market Survey Total filing cost can be reduced to a large extent without any change in filing strategy and requesting an estimation of an already filed patent from various translation vendors. With comparison on your actual invoices with the estimates, the saving potential will be direct.
Contact Translation Experts An experienced patent translator is worth for reducing patent translation and filing cost. Help with specialized expertise will be really beneficial. For instance, if your invention deals with mechanics, you will not seek assistance from a computer science engineer. Due to a unique description of patent applications, they are considered to be the most complicated translation documents.


  • No compromise should be done with the quality while strategizing patent translation cost. Also, before filing you must ensure that your translated application has been reviewed carefully by a patent attorney.
  • To ensure that the translator includes in-country patent attorney review as part of the proofreading process. It is not necessary that a good translator will possess the required technical and legal knowledge.
  • As attaining a patent for an invention is an expensive process, you must put efforts to monitor the cost of patent translation and filing without any compromise on quality.

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