Importance of Patent Translation: Everything You Need to Know

In today’s global economy, businesses are becoming more and more international. With the increased globalization of business, it is important for brands to be aware of foreign language patents that may come into conflict with their own intellectual property. Patents can exist in a number of different languages such as Japanese, Korean, or Chinese. It[…]

Why Automation Will Not Eliminate Human Patent Translators

Despite the fact that we’re living in an era of automation, the role of a human patent translator has never been more important. Translations, patent translations, in particular, continue to be a field where intelligent action and accuracy are the most important factors. The scope of patent protection may get impacted even by one misplaced letter. Judiciary[…]

Get Your Patent Translated with Enhanced Accuracy

Get Your Patent Translated with Enhanced Accuracy

Patent translation is a dedicated task which involves  the conversion of patent-related documentation into another language. The patent translated or Patent-related documentation can be any sort of patent claims, drawings, a description, and legal files or documents. Translation services majorly include translations for filing, litigation (accurate translations to undertake legal action with confidence), and technical[…]

Smart Ways to Cut Cost on Patent Translation

Smart Ways to Cut Costs on Patent Translation

A slothful economic repossession and sustained budget forces the IP departments to find new cost-cutting ways for patent translation. Translations are difficult and therefore, cost a lot. On average they account for up to 50% cost of national stage entry. Thus, cost-cutting could really make a difference in our pockets for such a money-oriented task.[…]

Qualities of an Efficient Patent Translator

Translating a legal document into other languages is not an easy job. It is quite challenging as each country have its own legal and patent filing procedure. Even a minor mistake in the translation of techno legal documents will cost havoc. Hence, you must seek help from an experienced and efficient patent translator. They may[…]

Precise Patent Translation – Key Points

Precise Patent Translation – Key Points

Patent translation refers to the conversion of patent documentation into another language. It may include a set of claims, description, drawings, and legal documents. Translations are very crucial in today’s world while filing a patent in a different country. The patents are examined by legal professionals and potential licensee in a foreign country. Also, one must[…]

Patent Translation Techniques Introduction

Patent Translation Techniques : Introduction

Patent translation comprises of different patent translation techniques. These techniques help in translating the content within the patent application from one language to another. You also need to keep in mind that such technical translations are not simple. If a word for word translation fails to convey the same message as that in the original[…]

3 Basic Must-to-Have Possessions of A Patent Translator

3 Basic Must-to-Have Possessions of A Patent Translator

A patent is a very complex technical document. The translation of patent into some other language is known as patent translation. So, it requires a high-skilled patent translator having a good amount of experience in patent translation. The patent recognizes the rights of the creators, designers, and inventors to exclusively benefit from their invention. The[…]