Accuracy In Patent Translation: Key To Better Patenting

Language is the key constraint when it comes to patent translation. Every word has multiple antonyms and synonyms which vary from language to language. Such as the word ‘Sentence’ refers to a grammatical meaning in English but in Chinese it means execution. Let’s learn the importance of accuracy in patent translation and why it is referred to as the key to better patenting.

Translation of documents should be kept in prime importance before signing a patent document, as it can completely change the meaning and purpose of the invention that you have made, which will ultimately lead your money and years of hard work go in vain.

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Accuracy In Patent Translation: Why So Important?

There are certain ways to assure that the documents are accurately prepared:

  1. Hire a quality oriented/certified specialist
  2. Triple check documents with multiple internal teams/ agencies.
  3. Refer online linguistic software (Optional)

Significant risks will arise while translating patent documents; the validity is entirely dependent on the original document, and hence inaccurate translations can be challenged in the court of law. If a case is held over a translated document such as a German document and it is challenged at a German court, then the original transcript in English won’t matter much.

To avoid these discrepancies the above options have to be followed:

1# Hire a quality oriented/certified specialist:

There are many things to be checked before hiring a specialist in multi-linguistic abilities.

  • The specialist should be well aware of the language in terms of grammar application rather than just general application.
  • The specialist should be more quality oriented rather than instant deliveries for a cheaper bargain. Such bargains cost you in a long run.
  • The specialist must have the core understanding of the language and how it is perceived in the respective regions so that he can prepare the document likewise.

Always hire a certified specialist, although it may not give a guarantee to a zero error in document creation, the next step will help cover that.

Are you planning to have machine translations for your patent application? If yes, then before taking a final decision, you must know that which option is better, human translation or machine translation

2# Triple check documents with multiple internal teams/ agencies:

To be safe and sure always have your documents (made by the first translator) checked with his internal team or with external agencies and repeat with another party to have it triple checked to have a fool-proof and zero error document. As a patent document in a certain language is different from its base transcript, you will be made open to infringements.

Don’t take important decisions in a rush when the point is about translating your own patent application. First, know about the patent translation risks and how to avoid them.

3# Refer online linguistic software (optional):

Though human touch is such detailed work is considered better than the AI counterpart, you can always cross-check your documents for your personal satisfaction. In case your document is very basic and does not need a comprehensive team to work on, you may rely on online software for basic translations.

Accuracy is a salient trait for the field of patent translation. It must be of utter importance for you, as a patent applicant because poor patent translations are simply impotent, and therefore must be avoided

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