How to minimize patent translation & filing costs?

Patent filing and patent translation are the two most crucial processes when it comes to earning a patent for an invention. Both of these processes are complex, time taking, and costly. Since we can’t change the structure and the elements of the patent application, we can’t make it easier to file. Similarly, the filing of an application requires a lot of technical knowledge, patience, and subject related skills. And, because of its complexity, it needs plenty of time to get framed, in the right technical way. The only thing which we could possibly work upon to change is its cost. Here we will focus on the various ways on how to minimize patent translation and filing costs.

According to the latest report by the leading IP magazine, translations holds about 50% of the total cost share. Therefore, there is a need to learn and follow certain criteria by which the cost can be reduced by a remarkable amount. But, while managing the budget, one must remember, that quality must not be compromised. Compromising on quality would be an unfair reason to save some penny, after spending a huge amount of it on the translation and filing services. Once the application holds the same quality after making some sort of savings by using strategies, one can use these savings in the expansion of his/her patent into other countries, as well.

Of course, the end goal is to obtain the broadest, strongest patent portfolio; obtaining patents in a variety of jurisdictions where meaningful business opportunities exist. Here’re some of the possible criteria, which can surely help you save a lot of money while maintaining the quality of the application.

Methods to Minimize

  • Use of generic language for translation:

    The most generic language, which a lot of people from different nationalities, can communicate and understand, is English. This means that filing a patent in the English language, and then applying the patent application in all those countries where English is the accepted as a patent filing language, would definitely save a lot of money. This is due to the fact that there is no translation required from English to any other language; saving a significant amount of money. Certainly, it means that the client’s invention will (where English is acceptable) and will not (where English is not accepted) be protected in several major world economies.

Also, by focusing only on regional blocs where one translation will cover multiple countries, could crunch a lot of cost. For example, if we choose the Arabic language as translation language, we become eligible to file the same patent application in the different Gulf States, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE, Egypt, and Jordan. Similarly, using Latin American Spanish as translation language, Mexico, and Latin America could be covered, as well.

Another way could be, if some inventor combines English and other languages, then it will increase its acceptability in some other countries, as well (if required).

  • Use of similar languages while conversion:

    Applications can also be filed in similar languages to increase its validity in different nationalities. Since a modification in an existing translation is less costly than ordering a new one.

  • Use previously translated patent applications:

    Another method to save the cost is to have knowledge about previously created similar patent applications. This will help in framing the current application since most of the language could be taken from the previous patent. And, since we can use older patent applications, the cost of framing new application is much more as compared to making use of the older applications.

    For example, if we want to file a patent in Russian language, and there is some exiting patent application available, then it will be easier to use the existing work, to create the new application by using repetitive text analysis. 

  • Perform market survey:

    One simpler way is to perform market survey about the costs incurred from various translation vendors to get an idea about the rates, and then comparing the rates with the actual invoices. This would clearly determine the amount which is not worth to spend and will make the inventor aware of the cost savings that could be done. 

  • Involve translation experts:

    One must always consult and take help from an experienced translation expert to avoid unnecessary time delays and money losses. Since, an expert probably knows everything about framing an application and making claims, etc., they must always be involved. It will be an add-on if the expert is of the same nationality where the application is to be filed. This will facilitate much better and smooth translation. Always keep in mind the 3 Must-to-Have Possessions of A Patent Translator.

  • Perform proofreading:

    One of the most important criteria that must never be ignored is to perform proofreading or to review the application before submitting the patent application. This will show final checking results to ensure that no errors are left in the application.

If all of these approaches are utilized, there will be no degradation in terms of quality. Sometimes, even after being very careful, some mistakes are left behind. It is even a possibility that after having all the relevant technical and legal knowledge about the subject, the translators still leaves some mistakes. No one can possibly guarantee 100% accurate and consistent translation. As the patent process is so expensive, there must always be efforts made so as of how to cut through these costs, without compromising on quality grounds.

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