Scientific And Technical Translation: Why So Complex?

Translations itself is a difficult task since translating from one language to another requires linguistic equivalents for concepts, which some languages might lack. Scientific and technical translation field makes translation even more complex since translation is not only required for the syntactic structures, but all the technicalities needs to be maintained throughout the translation. Sometimes,[…]

Smart Ways to Cut Costs on Patent Translation

Given the slothful economic repossession and sustained budget pressure on IP departments, it is must to look for new ways to cut costs on Patent Translation. Translations are difficult and therefore, cost a lot. On an average they account for up to 50% cost of national stage entry, so for such a money-oriented task, cost[…]

Poor Patent Translation: Why you must avoid it?

The urge to opt for a low-cost translation provider is quite common among a patent attorney, paralegal, patent agent, researcher in an IP services firm or an inventor. Patent translation is an expensive process as it carries much significance. A translation can account for more than 50% of the cost of PCT National Stage Filings[…]

Patent Translation Risks: What & How to Avoid?

According to literal meaning of the word Patent translation, it specifically means to translate anything related to a Patent into another desired/relevant language. However, on legal aspects Patent Translation is demanded when patent written in current language needs to be translated into another language without changing the meaning of the contents inside it. While conversion,[…]

3 Basic Must-to-Have Possessions of A Patent Translator

Only a patentee could understand the true importance of a good quality patent translator. Patent translations have to be correct, unambiguous, and accurate, since the scope of the entire product will be defined and judged forever by what is included in the final patent. For the inexperienced company preparing to expand internationally, even one inaccurate[…]

Qualities of an Efficient Patent Translator

Qualities of an Efficient Patent Translator : Translating a legal document into other languages is not an easy job. It is quite challenging as each country have its own legal and patent filing procedure. Even a minor mistake in translation of techno legal documents will cost havoc. Hence it is an absolute necessity to take the[…]

Importance of Understanding Technical Translation

Importance of Understanding Technical Translation – The Translation Industry has developed significantly over the most recent decade, and the essential reason credited for this advancement is the globalization, which has given a substantial driving force to the need of exchanging information globally. A good translation service is based on it preciseness and accuracy; however while consulting a[…]

Important Points to Consider while Doing Translation of Patents

Important Points to Consider while Doing Translation of Patents : Patents are complex technical documents that recognize rights of the inventors, designers and creators to benefit exclusively from their inventions. Since much of the success of your patent filing depends on the way you present your idea to the respective patent office, it is important[…]

How to minimize patent translation & filing costs?

How to minimize patent translation & filing costs? Patent filing and patent translation are the two processes, which are most crucial processes, when it comes to earning a patent for an invention. Both of these processes are complex, time taking, and costly. Since, we can’t change the structure and the elements of the patent application,[…]

Human Translation or Machine Translation? Which Option is Better?

The general conception or let’s say misconception among the patent filers is that the machine translation is better than human translation. It is understood that translations is the basic instrument for correspondence between organizations, business and their clients residing amongst different organizations located worldwide. Therefore, the most well-known approach to complete a translation is to[…]