Qualities of an Efficient Patent Translator

Translating a legal document into other languages is not an easy job. It is quite challenging as each country have its own legal and patent filing procedure. Even a minor mistake in the translation of techno legal documents will cost havoc. Hence, you must seek help from an experienced and efficient patent translator. They may execute the work with confidence and avoid unprecedented mistakes. Also, they may execute future projects smoothly without any mistake and in accordance with their needs.

The following are the pre-requisites of an efficient patent translator:

  • Mastering the source and native language fluently.
  • Sound knowledge of legal norms and regulations.
  • Drafting a proper claim with appropriate scope in the target language.
  • Proper command over the technological vocabulary for the relevant countries.
  • Knowledge of technology and industry sector.

A patent translator must be an expert in the similar domain as that of the translating material. A professional patent translator is not just a mere linguist. They must understand the proper use of translation. Also, they must be able to translate complex legal materials, phrases, and diagrams.

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Requirements of a Patent Translator

Let’s have a look at what all qualities we should expect from a patent translator working with an IP translation service. Any efficient legal language expert should possess the following characteristics or qualities:

  1. Proficient understanding of the subject matter of the patent. This understanding is absolutely indispensable so that proper technical terminology can be used. Patents are precise techno-legal documents. Any improper usage of punctuation or language while translation can change the meaning of a patent altogether or can change the potency of the patent to a great extent. Not only it will cost the earth to combat the litigation but can also lead to patent infringement in certain scenarios.
  2. The amount of time the patent translator has spent in the related domain. This would enable to determine the knowledge of the translator regarding the subject matter and on-going research and development in the related field.
  3. The translator must be familiar with existing industry brands, products, and company culture.
  4. Patent translators must have a detailed knowledge regarding the legal aspects and filing process for the target country. Sometimes legal experts are granted permission to ‘improve’ the legal document technical or legally even if it’s not required. These changes may, however, harm the patent potentially leaving it to be incompatible according to industry standards. This will eventually lead to spending long hours to fix the issue and obviously at an extra cost. So patent translators while being chosen should be done with utmost care so that they have exclusive knowledge of as to how to translate the patent accurately and make it ready for filing in the corresponding country. 

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How to find out the most efficient translator?

Now it’s a difficult part but still one can look forward to translators who:

  • Will be able to provide references and examples of his translation work. This will help to know about the quality of work of the translator.
  • Maintain a follow up with the reference to ascertain the quality of service provided.
  • Have worked considerably at a consistent pace with clients (a long-term translator is always preferable) and the approved work of the translator. 

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