Precise Patent Translation – Key Points

Patent translation refers to the conversion of patent documentation into another language. It may include a set of claims, description, drawings, and legal documents. Translations are very crucial in today’s world while filing a patent in a different country. The patents are examined by legal professionals and potential licensee in a foreign country.

Also, one must translate only the relevant portion of the patent. The translation must be in such a way that a person with no prior knowledge is also able to understand the invention. Moreover, the translations make the patent application process more effective and efficient abroad. The translation must undergo localization to meet the country’s specific patent norms.

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Patent Translation: Major Factors

Patent translation includes various translation techniques. You may translate a patent more precisely from one language to another with the help of these techniques. You must not forget that you may destroy a patent even if a single translated word fails to convey the same message like that in the original patent document. Thus, the important techniques or key points to keep in mind during the translation are:

  • Language

The difference in the languages and the culture specifications vary in terms of territorial areas. This creates a clear distinction in terms of vocabulary, especially in the use of idioms and collocations. Translators must provide clarity to the writing style as this may bring consistency with the previous language data.

The translators must describe the statements using extra phrases, or statements to enhance the readability of the content.

  • Clarity 

The main focus during the translation is to create the description and the objectives as clearly as possible. There must be consistency with the original application to obtain perfect results. The translation must not change the meaning of the original patent document. You must use the proper jargon, language, terminology, and maintain unambiguity.

  • Terminologies Used

The translator must understand the real meaning of formulas, flowcharts, diagrams or sketches, etc. Thus, he must interpret the meaning associated with them. One wrong interpretation or a single wrong assumption may change the actual meaning of the claim.

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  • Proofreading of Patent Application

Proofreading has a lot of advantages and plays a major role in the patent application. It helps you to find out errors before submission that require corrections. Also, it makes the translator more confident about his work. It is better to clear out all the queries before they become a problem.

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  • Correction of Mistakes

A translator must not only correct the mistakes but also must learn it. This habit of learning from mistakes comes from patent proofreading. It helps to avoid the repetition of the mistake in any future work. Also, it helps to save time and effort.

  • Remain Updated

The translator must remain up-to-date with the relevant technology and must be aware of the recent inventions. Reading and watching the latest inventions or patents is the best option. They may take the help of the latest books, journals, quality blogs, documentaries, news, etc.

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  • Work Quality

The translator must maintain quality work while using terminology as per the concerned application. This means that the use of complex language or degree of formality must depend upon the type of target document. It is one of the most important translation techniques.

  • Security 

Every day a new name emerges in an industry competing with others for the first place. They want to make sure that no one can take an opportunity to steal their ideas. Also, they try to get maximum protection for their inventions around the world.

Moreover, the companies require translations if they plan to expand their business to multiple states. Also, they are able to stop other companies from copying their products with the help of interpretation.

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