A Certified Translation: What, When, & How To Perform?

It’s easy to get confused among a certified translator and a certified translation. There are significant differences between the two. In this article, we will find out what do we mean by a certified translation. Also, we will clear some common misconceptions about it.

Also, one must translate only the relevant portion of the patent. The translation must be in such a way that a person with no prior knowledge is also able to understand the invention. Moreover, the translations make the patent application process more effective and efficient abroad. The translation must undergo localization to meet the country’s specific patent norms.

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Certified Translation: What is it?

It is a signed statement that serves as a proof of evidence for the accuracy of the translation and outright to the ability and knowledge of the translator.

A certified translation is a legal record but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is valid in every single country worldwide. So, you must clarify the type of certification according to the requirement and the requesting country.

Some certified translations serve the purpose of a legal record. Thus, government agencies or courts need them. In these scenarios, a certified translation is also checked several times just to ensure its impeccability.

The government identification signs a certified translation in front of the notary public to make it a legal document. Also, it requires the original source document along with the translator statement.

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         Important points to consider while doing translation of patents

Certified Translation: Why is it required?

Well, there is no particular reason as to why you need a certified translation. It is because of multiple reasons. The most common reasons for the requirement of a certified translation in the United States are:

  • Financial statements
  • Trial transcripts
  • Complaints
  • Evidentiary files
  • Legal summons

Two countries require a certified translation for business events or academic transcripts. In some cases, personal documents are also translated such as birth certificate, death certificate, marriage or divorce certificate. For example, immigrants from another country must submit a certified translated copy of the recommended personal documents.

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A Perfect Translator:

You should bear one fact in mind, a “certified” translator is not necessary to provide a “certified” translation. Any translator or translation service providing company can provide a  “certified” translation. However, a translator must pass a certification examination that evaluates the quality and professional translation skills of the translator.

You must perform a thorough search to find out the type of translator that suits best for your purpose. He must own good knowledge in the document type that you need to translate.

You might be thinking that why should I spend time and energy on finding an efficient translator when Google translator can do the job? The fact that you should not consider Google translator always is because it can perform accurately for informal messages. However, Google translator cannot solve the purpose due to a lack of human intervention for documents related to academics or international requests. Yes! A machine-driven translation may not always give you the accurate intended output as that of the original document. Here comes the importance of a certified translator or a certified translation service provider.

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    Patent information, why it is important?

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