Why Always Select A Trusted Patent Translation Vendor?

A patent is an invaluable asset that you own. Apart from protection in your native country if you wish to seek protection elsewhere, there might arise a need for translation of your patent on parts of it. While doing so you need to keep specific things in mind as translating a patent is crucial and similarly searching a translation vendor too. In this article, we will focus on the factors as to why always you should select a trusted patent translation vendor.

Points to be considered while selecting a Patent Translation Vendor


We at Patent Translations Express comprehend that in specific circumstances or business choices a quick consideration and turnaround is a necessary. Keeping in my mind of your needs our services are built in a manner that extend from North America to Europe and worldwide to provide one stop solution. These services in patent translation require speed, for instance, for acquiring a Japanese new business, you would require to check their patent portfolio quickly or 11 months after French documenting or 29 months after the priority date for the PCT documenting and you would quickly need to get Greek and Swedish translation. At those scenarios, when time is a constraint, the team of experts is present to help with the fast citations and fast-forward translation services. 

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A single minimum charge is taken from our clients in return of the service(s) based upon the number of words to be translated and any other requirements, for example, addition of formulae/illustrations, organizing for documenting and so on. The services are cost- effectively priced according to the market and, beginning at just $0.10 per word subjected to the languages required. We offer services that comprise of a comprehensive detailing across several languages, in order to prevent the client from spending extra expense for outsourcing the requirement to other parties and additionally reduction the charges for high volume ventures.

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We provide a free demonstration of our rapid translation service without commitment or charge. All you have to do is send a copy of original document or publication or application number. To limit the cost, we additionally give patent translation service customized for a project. We likewise give adaptability in selecting the part of the patent to be translated and recommend whether the translation would be advantageous to spare your significant time and money.

Considering Quality Services while finalizing a Patent Translation Vendor

Our quality confirmation begins by handing over the receipt to the customer. All the requirements of the client are noted and checked double time to ensure no detail is missed. After which, a service specialist is assigned to the client for resolving any issues related to the guidance or information about the service(s).  In case, the source document has not been provided, we seek the patent number and obtain a copy of the original document from other sources.  An important part for providing the best quality service is utilization of a linguist professional of the targeted language, who also has an expertise in the technical domain and patent translation. A combination of these three skills helps in delivering the best quality. Consequently, the work is proof read by a qualified editorial manager for any errors related to use of appropriate terminology, technical accuracy, correct numbering, avoidance of awkward syntax, and graphics placement and so on. Recommended changes are reviewed and implemented by the interpreter.  If necessary, the file is then designed for documenting purposes by utilizing templates provided by the different patent authorities. Lastly, the proofreading is performed by another person to ensure the delivery as per the requirement. 

Importance of Confidentiality while choosing a Patent Translation Vendor

Maintaining privacy of the proprietor identity and all other information is vital.  Any data or information revealed to us by the client either through telephone, mail, personally or in writing is entirely classified. Additionally, all the interpreters sign to a standard privacy agreement before starting the work, and if the client desires consent upon their own nondisclosure agreement, the team of Patent Translations Express will happily agree and abide by it.

Further the physical assurance of customer data stored in the servers and file systems are ensured by the best security standards available in the market.

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Reliability of A Patent Translation Vendor

Our services provide assistance in technical translation of US patents, EU patents, PCT patents, Japanese patents, and Chinese patents. Through years of services, we have increased our involvement in translation of PCT and EP patent in most European and Asian languages. Our group comprises of the local interpreters of the targeted language skilled in patent translation according to the patent laws. Later, the translated documents are checked and organized in the format as stated by the national patents law. We provide translation in dialects such as Japanese, German, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, and Russian. Irrespective of the prerequisite in languages, turnaround, volume or expenses, we provide the service where you can depend upon us for conveying the best quality material on time and spending plan; we believe in untangled and economical service driven to provide top quality service.

The services offered by Patent Translations Express are:

Translations for Patent Filing – We ensure that each patent translation is prepared for documenting accordingly to patent office and ready to file worldwide and there has been check by our professional.

Translations for Patent Litigation – The service comprises of delivering clear and exact translations for tackling the legal activity with a certainty.

Translations for Patent Technical Insights – We render the basic IP information to the client’s R&D, Competitive Intelligence and Business Development groups to guarantee the correct judgments about the significance of a contender’s portfolio.

Patent Translations Express (PTE) offers the most economical patent translation services to law firms and corporates without compromising on the accuracy and quality of translations. The foundation of our services is built on confidentiality, speed, quality, cost savings and reliability. We are considered as most trusted Patent Translation Vendor across the industry.

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