Important Points to Consider while Doing Translation of Patents

Translation of patents is the task of converting patent documentation into another language. These are most likely to be read by legal professionals and potential patent licensee in a foreign country. The patent translation should be such that a person having no prior knowledge of it also understands the invention. A single error can make or break the deal, so utmost care should be taken for the correct translation. Patent translations in a specific country should also meet the filing country’s specific patent norms.

Key benefits of translation of patents:

The expansion of the horizon of the patent landscape now cuts across the international boundary. Translation as an activity is most important at the time of preparation of a patent filing. One must make sure that the technical terms of the invention during the translation of patents are precise and accurate. Some of the important points to consider while doing a translation of patents are as follows:

  1. Go for native writers of the target language:

Language is a kind of conditioning that develops slowly and steadily with the passage of time. While doing multi-country patent filings, one must submit a translation of patents document in the patent filing country’s specific language. Obviously, our main aim is to ensure that the translated document is true and correct in all its forms. One can ensure this by hiring a native person whose first language is the language we are intending to file our application. The probability of getting a patent translation correct by a native translator is quite high.

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  1. Expert in the subject matter:

Translating the patent document is not like casual translation where we don’t bother much about grammar and punctuations. Here, a single alteration in patent translation can change the whole meaning of the document thereby resulting in financial and legal consequences. Thus, it is very important for the patent translator to be well-acquainted with the subject matter of the content. A subject matter expert can use the exact terms that one requires to express the actual idea of the document.

  1. Acquaintances with technical vocabulary:

Patents are scientific and technical documents that contain a method, process, or technology of a particular stream. One can relate it to the engineering stream, life-science stream, automotive engineering stream, Nano-technology, or computer science. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the translator has adequate knowledge of that particular stream. He must also be well-acquainted with terminologies and vocabularies of that stream.

  1. Formats required by the patent office:

Adhering merely to language-related norms is not enough while doing patent translations. One also needs to be familiar with the regulatory norms prevailing in that jurisdiction. If you are not familiar with the format of the respective patent office, it becomes difficult to complete the registration process. You may end up submitting your invention in a format that doesn’t meet the requirements of the respective patent office. Thus, it will increase the cost of the patent applicant to again follow the whole process. So, one should make sure that the patent translator has got vast experience and is well aware of the patent office norms.

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  1. An in-house multi-disciplinary team:

It is one of the most important factors while doing a translation of patents. While outsourcing patent translation works, one must ensure that the patent translation service provider is equipped with a multi-disciplinary team. The team must include translators, proof-readers, linguists, lawyers, and engineers. This is because a multi-disciplinary team can provide real and accurate inputs so that the theme of the document remains intact.

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