Patent Translations Types: A Complete Guide

Patent translation is the task of converting patent documentation into another language. Patent translations types are very important in today’s world while filing an official patent in foreign countries. These are most likely to be read by legal professionals and potential patent licensee in a foreign country. One translates only relevant portions of the patent for the purpose of evidence in the court proceedings. You should translate your patent in a way that a person having no prior knowledge of it also understands the invention. Patent translations types make the patent application process more effective and efficient abroad. They allow patent translation to undergo localization to meet the country’s specific patent norms.

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Patent Translations types: Essentials

Even though the patent documents are legal documents, we can further categorize them depending upon the nature of the document. The patent translations types are:

  1. Patent translation for prior art documents:

Prior art is evidence that your invention is already known. The fact that someone has previously given the description of the technology similar to yours is evidence of the prior art. So, it becomes important for the patent applicant to establish the novelty of the invention before the examiner.

Translations of such documents fall under this category and are important when you intend to protect a patent. So, one needs a good patent translator who is proficient in the spoken language of the patent filing country. It is important that the content, meaning and the nature of the patent document remain intact while translation.

  1. Patent translation for litigation proceedings:

This is one of the most important factors in patent translations types. It is important for you to have a clear and accurate patent translation to undertake legal action with confidence. In an increasingly international business environment, litigation is becoming far more common. It means that the need for litigation translation is more than ever before. There is a possibility of having a large number of international lawsuits relevant to one’s invention. The litigation translation service might prove helpful in document sifting, where an expert translator sifts the documents on-site. It helps in filtering and prioritizing the criteria you provide. The translation can also quickly summarize key documents. One requires an expert patent translator to fully understand the technicalities of the invention. So, it helps the translator to maintain the accuracy of the invention in another language.

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  1. Patent translation for foreign filings:

It is essential for one to translate the patent application in the national language of the patent filing country. If you want to file a patent in a particular country then patent translation plays an important role. These are among the patent documents that require precision and accuracy. You need to make sure that the patent translation covers all possible claims of your invention in the desired language. Even a minuscule error can make or break the deal. So, it is necessary to consider a professional who has got years of experience in this service.

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