3 Basic Must-to-Have Possessions of A Patent Translator

A patent is a very complex technical document. The translation of patent into some other language is known as patent translation. So, it requires a high-skilled patent translator having a good amount of experience in patent translation. The patent recognizes the rights of the creators, designers, and inventors to exclusively benefit from their invention. The patent needs translation, especially in the current global business scenario. Patent translations have to be correct, unambiguous, and accurate to clearly define the scope of the product. So, what one includes in the final patent matters a lot which depends on the skill of patent translator.

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The 3 must qualities of patent translators:

There are several important qualities of a good patent translator. The qualities such as translating a complicated invention with ease and presenting it thoroughly to the examiner are some of those qualities. But the three basic qualities which a patent translator must possess are:

  1. Technical Expertise:

Technical expertise denotes the skill of a patent translator in the domain of the subject of the invention. This means that he must understand the technical terms of the concerned field and understand the concepts clearly. This ensures the applicant that the translation of the invention will be precise and accurate. The translator must also hold some experience of patent translation.

Patents are precise documents since they are the legal documents that state the claims or the scope of the inventor’s work. Therefore, translations or word-to-word exchange must be accurate and unambiguous. The slightest mistake in language or in technicalities can alter the effectiveness of the entire document. This gets even worse when the application abandons after a large investment due to mistakes in technical areas of the application.

  1. Language Expertise:

One of the most important qualities that a translator must possess is an excellent understanding of the language of patent translation. The aim of the translator should be to make sure that the translation of the patent is error-free and precise. The translator should be good at grammar, jargon, and structure for every sentence of translation. This means that he must be well educated and must possess the degree of certification as well. Having actual experience in translating patents will serve as an add-on feature in the clarity of the claims.

The translator needs to make sure that the patent translation covers all possible claims of the invention in the desired language. So, one needs a good translator who is proficient in the spoken language of the patent filing country.

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  1. Legal Expertise:

Legal expertise denotes expertise for the legal requirements and the filing process for the target country. One can only fulfill this pre-requisite when any legal expert performs the work of translation. This is because he has complete knowledge about the laws of target countries where one needs a patent translation. This skill will make him eligible to complete the patent filing process, potentially editing it for compliance and quality.

The translator can even cover the flaws in technicalities or language once the application goes to the examiner. But if it goes against the governing laws, then the application will be abandoned by the court. Therefore, legal expertise must be significant enough to make patents consistent with industry standards, approved terminology, and related style guides.

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