Multi-Country Filings

Rule the world! Protect your invention in multiple jurisdictions.

Why ‘Patent Translations Express’ for Multi-Country Filings

  • PTE has seasoned professionals with years of experience in filing patent applications worldwide with thorough understanding of patent laws of foreign jurisdictions.
  • PTE has an excellent network of associates in all prominent jurisdictions of the world, that too at unbeatable rates.
  • PTE`s sound knowledge of international laws leads to optimized cost during examination in different countries. For example, we optimize the patent application so that you do not spend extra money on extra pages, extra claims and unnecessary content.
  • PTE always keeps client’s interest first and is always frugal with client’s resourcesEthics is #1 priority for PTE and we will never misguide you.
  • PTE is the only company that helps you to identify partners in other countries so that you can share cost of patenting and start making money in those countries.

More about Multi-Country Filings, Drafting and Prosecution

Please check the list of 30/31 month deadline countries for patent filing through PCT with extension available

Separate patent applications need to be filed all the countries you want to protect your invention in. Filing patent applications in multiple countries enables you to protect your innovation in all those jurisdictions.

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. PCT Route (Click here to know more)
  2. Convention Route: This involves filing separate patent applications in different countries within a period of 12 months.

The key element in all of this is a robustly drafted patent application satisfying laws of the countries of interest and at the same time getting the scope of protection you want.

Using a single agency to take your patent application to multiple jurisdictions is very important and beneficial as they will be best aware of the exact scope to protect and will help in getting uniform protection across the globe at optimized costs. It also ensures that you do not miss any deadlines and the co-ordination is easier.

Synonyms: Convention patent filing, Paris convention, PCT, PCT route, Direct patent filing, Foreign patent filing, Foreign patent prosecution, Patent filing in foreign countries, International patent filings.

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