WIPO Develops a Machine Translation Tool! But, Manual Patent Translation is always Better Decision.

Patents are technical and scientific documents and thus are complex in nature. A single error can change the whole meaning of your idea hence it is important for patent search professionals to maintain the accuracy of these documents. All we can say is that patents are complex in nature and translating them is even more so. However, there is a matter to cherish because WIPO has developed a new patent translation tool called as NMT (Neural Machine Translation) in an attempt to help patent professionals do the accurate translation of patent documents.

All you need to do is simply cut and paste text from a patent document into the box and select from the available language pairs, then click on “Translate”. This tool can be accessed here.

Specificities and Peculiarities of WIPO Patent Translation Tool

Highly accurate

Accuracy is one of the most important parameters to determine the quality of a patent translation service and this tool is among those that provide a high level of accuracy. With this tool, professionals can sit back and relax because their translated scientific documents would be, then, logical, true and accurate.

Uses neural machine translation

Unlike phrase based patent translation technology this tool works on huge neural network models that “learn” from previously translated sentences. This makes the algorithm more smart and intelligent.

Neural machine translation (NMT) is an approach to machine translation that uses a large neural network. It departs from phrase-based statistical translation approaches that use separately engineered sub-components and thus is more accurate and precise.

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Produces more natural word order

Since, this tool uses artificial intelligence and neural machine translation it produces more natural word order, which is not otherwise available in phrase-based patent translation tools.

Produces excellent results even in distant language pairs

Unlike other patent translation tools that lack the ability to understand the intent of the searcher and nature of two different languages, this tool is smart enough to understand these things wisely. This is why it produces excellent results even in distant language pairs.

Simple method

The process of translating patent documents is very simple with this tool as you need to simply cut and paste text from a patent document into the assigned text box, select from the available language pairs, then click on “Translate”.

Trained and focused tool

Unlike previous patent translation tools which were vague, this WIPO tool is trained and focused uniquely on patent documents. Thus, instead of a more-disparate array of texts, it gives higher-quality patent translations.

The advantages of manual patent translation

  • It’s a translator’s job to ensure the highest accuracy
  • Humans can interpret context and capture the same meaning, rather than simply translating words
  • Human translators can review their work and provide a quality process
  • Humans can interpret the creative use of language, e.g. puns, metaphors, slogans, etc.
  • Professional translators understand the idiomatic differences between their languages
  • Humans can spot pieces of content where literal translation isn’t possible and find the most suitable alternative

The disadvantages of machine translation

  • Level of accuracy can be very low
  • Accuracy is also very inconsistent across different languages
  • Machines can’t translate context
  • Mistakes are sometimes costly

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