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The patent acquisition and utilization in the commercial space is a thriving business that isn’t seeing a downfall anytime soon. Inventors work tirelessly to turn an idea into reality and then earn through the sales of that particular device or the machine. If you are a US resident, you need to file the patent application to the USPTO in your native language. But do you know how to file a patent application in other countries? Well, this is where you need patent translation services from a well-established patent company.

They have a great team of subject matter experts and patent translators that fulfil your patent need with ease. If you are a patent attorney or an agent at a branded law firm, you must consider availing patent translate services for your clients. With a team of qualified professionals having Master’s and PhD degrees, you can expect patent drafting companies to deliver you quality work. What’s more, some of the leading companies also have ex patent examiners that improve your chances of getting the patent granted when it goes through their eyes. 

Now let’s see some of the powerful reasons why you should avail patent translate services: 

1 – Product protection

It’s no secret that when a fantastic product sells in large numbers in a particular country, the businessmen also want to expand the business to other countries. However, the issue is that you can use the patent rights you have for that product only in countries where your native language is acceptable. Thus, the nations having a different native language will need you to translate the patent in their language. This is when you will be legally authorized to sell your product in those countries.

You may think that it is just a formality set by their governments, but it is not. Having your patent translated in other languages for other countries also protects the rights of your product. This is why it is essential to translate a patent and avail such services from a market-leading patent company so that you can sell your products in other countries with complete peace of mind. 

2 – Patent approval 

You must know that to grant a patent application, the examiners have to consider many factors. Such as whether the claims made in the patent are clear and correct, or whether the patent matches with the prior art, or whether the wordings used in the patent are adequate and accurate. 

During the approval of a patent application, what’s also considered is the detailed description of the specific idea in the appropriate language. In addition, it should also meet the listed requirements and guidelines of that country. These are the tasks that are hard to accomplish without availing of quality patent translation services.

Patent Translate – Patent Translations Express

We hope you understand the importance of patent translation services if you want to sell your product in the global market. So, the next time you obtain a patent and the product gets enormous success in your country; you must consider having a word with Patent Translations Express to get patent translation services for other country’s languages. 

PTE is available to assist you with your patent translation needs. We can also help with technical translations of US patents, PCT patents, Japanese patents, EU patents, Chinese patents, and other European and Asian languages. Our team of professional native translators provide quality translations from in languages such as German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Russian, which are checked according to national patent rules.

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