Patent Translation Techniques : Introduction

Introduction to Patent Translation Techniques: Patent translation comprises of the translation of special language texts, which not just only means to translate the content within the patent application from one language to another, but also comprises of factors that make this piece of work worse for even, expert translators. Although, by following patent standards, translation techniques,[…]

Get Your Patent Translated with Enhanced Accuracy

Get Your Patent Translated with Enhanced Accuracy – Patent translation is a dedicated task which involves conversion of patent related documentation into another language. Patent related documentation can be any sort of patent claims, drawings, a description, and legal files or documents. Translation services majorly includes translations for filing, litigation (accurate translations to undertake legal[…]

WIPO Develops a Machine Translation Tool! But, Manual Patent Translation is always Better Decision.

WIPO Develops Machine Translation Tool! But Manual Patent Translation is always a Better Decision: Patents are technical and scientific documents and thus are complex in nature. A single error can change the whole meaning of your idea hence it is important for patent search professionals to maintain the accuracy of these documents. All we can say[…]

Bad Quality Patent Translation Can Bring Loss of Millions!

Patent is an exclusive right issued for an invention which is either a process, or a machine, or a product, or composition of matter. Currently, there are about two million patent applications documented across the globe and the increasing demand puts an extra pressure on translation experts to meet the supply demand of the business.[…]

Why Always Select A Trusted Patent Translation Vendor?

Patent Translations Express (PTE) offers the most economical patent translation services to law firms and corporates without compromising on the accuracy and quality of translations. Features of Patent translation services: The foundation of our services is built on confidentiality, speed, quality, cost savings and reliability. We are considered as most trusted Patent Translation Vendor across the industry.[…]

Translator Software Tools

Translator Software Tools: An Analysis

Translator Software Tools: An Analysis – A Program that enables people to translate content from one language to another on a computer is translation software. Specialized software for translation is being increasingly used by translators to speed up and increase quality levels of translation procedure. A CAT tool or “Computer Aided Translation” is a computer[…]

Statutory basis for creating a patent translation in various jurisdictions

Businesses are growing at an extraordinary pace and are fueled by the advent of break-through technologies. Since businesses are growing at an unprecedented pace authorities had to build rules and regulations that can help them ensure only valid technologies reach the market. creating a patent translation This unprecedented growth in businesses and technologies have transformed a seemingly[…]

Why should companies hire professional patent translation service provider?

Unlike other kinds of translations, patent translation is totally a different one, wherein a translator is supposed to have a clear cut understanding of the technicalities of the subject as well as acquaintances with the respective regulatory norms. A minuscule error can break your whole effort and put your goal in jeopardy, thus it is[…]

Patent Translations Types: A Complete Guide

Patent Translations Types – Despite a downturn in global economy, reports suggest that there has been a sharp surge in the number of patents filed worldwide. With China leading the graph and is followed by countries like the United States, Japan, Korea, and the European Union, it is very evident that the need of accurate[…]

Vietnamese Patent Translators

Vietnamese Patent Translators – Patent Translation Express offers the most economical patent translation services to law firms and corporates. We have three major variants / pricing options, their differences are shown in table below: Just submit information below and we will revert with exact quote in matter of hours. Request Price Quote Vietnamese Patent Translators[…]